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LC's Thread:

You may have seen this tournament in the LC subforum, I'm bringing you the OU version! The concept is simple, a council and I will seed the players who signup to make a preliminary rankings list, after this list is made you can challenge the player ranked 1 spot above you in an attempt to move up the rankings ladder. If you lose you must wait 24 hours before re challenging the same player. This version will be somewhat different, after an undisclosed amount of time (to prevent stalling to keep your ranking) the top 16 will enter a playoff round to decide the champion.

On Activity: Activity will be very important in this tournament, after 5 days if you haven't challenged anyone you will either be removed from the tournament or an activity decision will be made on your game (depending on the circumstances). DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE ACTIVE!

To sign up just write "in".
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